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March 18
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Let's Redo Some Genderbends by M-etis Let's Redo Some Genderbends by M-etis
((there we go, drawings of the genderbend version of the Metis trio! Samaki, Lucy and Christan Taorana! someone had ask me what they look like so here is a fully color and drawing of them! hope you like it guys!

I'll be posting there headcanons heres:

- he wears his glasses a lot more then his fem!counterpart, makes him feel mature.
- he can come off as a 'understanding' type of character.
- he tends to have pictures of arctic animals instead of having stuff animals thinking they are 'childish'
- he seems less violent in hockey, actually appears more easy going.
- he tends to not be upfront like his fem!counterpart at times.

- is a major bookworm.
- is very clusmy without her glasses on.
- can get way more ditzy and emotional then her male!counterpart.
- is sometimes a daddy's girl.
- she tends to let her emotions get the better of her unlike her male!counterpart.
- seems to not mind affection unlike her male!counterpart.
- has the better aim with a rifle unlike her male!counterpart.

- seems a lot less nosy then his fem!counterpart.
- is more patience.
- is quite good at sewing, but hides this talent.
- seems much closer to Samaki and Knud
- gets really awkward around girls at times.
- can not see ghost unlike his fem!counterpart.

well, hope you like them!
s-tars-and-f-field Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
((ahhhhh omg they are adorable! ! You were right when you said Lucy looks pretty!  Samaki is a cutie too, love the animal pictures headcanon abd Christian sounds like such  a dear <3 well done!  ))
M-etis Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
((yeah, I think out of the trio I think Lucy has to be my favorite by far design wise! she's so adorable. vuv;; Oh and thanks, I felt that unlike Sandra he be a bit more mature and not as childish, so yeah. Oh and thanks, Christan is just an odd boy omg-.

and I gotta work on my marriage headcanon thing.))
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