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March 27, 2014


((I wanted to try something like this for some time and well, if you guys ever heard of the game 'Corpse Party' some bit of the story will be in this RP and of course I'll be posting 4 different RPs but do keep in mind that each RP is connected in a way so do read each one and choose carefully. Anything could happen, anyway let's begin!))

"Heavenly Host Elementary...once known as a cheerful and happy school, it was the principal's pride and joy, almost like his own child had occur, students had started to after the other, lead to death, murder and overall closing of the school. The principal had kill himself on that very day. Often one of the teachers would make her rounds at night, knocking on the door with a candle and anyone there?, the story...still continues to this day."

The room was dark as you and the gang were all together in a classroom which it was dark apart from a candle which was near the reader and one that invited you and everyone else...Christi Williams, you knew well she was much into telling these odd ghost stories, despite her age of 14 which was quite morbid for a girl her age but hey you decided to go to just amuse her. "A interesting story, don't you all agree?" she asked as she looked at everyone then at you. "I can tell that the story probably gave a few of you a shiver up your spine." she joked with her monotone voice which...

She had a point, the story was quite creepy and you had to admit. It wasn't something you hear often. "Well, I think it's time to-." a knock at the door came which all of the kids in the room looked over then look at you. " going to get it?" Sandra had ask who seemed a bit nervous, she wasn't much for braver but did try. You breathed in as you slowly walked over to the door and when you open a sudden jolt from you came which made you fall to the floor right away which the thing that made you move back so quickly...was Sandra, Louis and Christi's mother, Qila. It seemed she was holding a candle, much like Christi had but turns on the lights. "My my, did you enjoy that little fright~." The older women had commented as she walked over to Christi and  the 2 gave each other a high five. "I have to say mother, your humor never grows old." Christi commented.

You soon realize that the whole time it was a prank! Which you fell for it! most of the kids start to laugh at your embrassement as you got up and huffed which Qila turn to look at you. "Now now dear, don't get so upset. Were all having a good laugh." She chuckle to herself with a small wink to you. "Ahahaha, yep! you really seemed scared there!" Sandra stated with a laugh while Louis did laugh a small bit but story with a worried expression. "Oh, sorry. Thought you had to admit that your fall was quite funny." he stated with a small smile as he apologized for his laugther but soon Qila started to look around the room then at her children.

"Didn't I ask of you to clean up this room? It's a mess."

She stated which the 3 look at her then at each other which Christi was of course the first to speak. "Oh, but mother. Will get to it later." "I do hope so, I rather not have your teacher complain about this." it seemed like a caring family with the way they were, so nice and friendly and you couldn't help but think of yours for a moment but sighed as you look at your wath, it seemed quite late. "Okay, but first..." Christi began as she looked around the room. "can we do 1 more thing?" she asked as everyone looked at which she took out a piece of paper that looked to be like a doll. "Okay, so all of you...I want all of you to grab a edge to a piece of this paper doll and well...what you must do is chant the 'Sachiko-everafter' as they call it, I found it on this one site and-." "....wait, you were looking up another of those curses Christi?" Sandra ask as she looked at her which Qila also did the same. "If you let me finish, I think that if we do this chant we can stay friends for a long time, so....We must say 'Sachiko we forgive you.' with many times of those in the room and the chat will go on for the rest of our lives, all have to hold onto the paper as tightly as all of you can and we must say it about--." she started to count the people in the room. "-insert number of kids- many times." she finish as all the kids started to surround the blonde girl and hold onto a edge of the paper doll which they all look at you. "ready....?" Christi ask which you gave a firm nod and thus began the chant, you weren't sure how many times it was say but you kept going as the others did and counted as many as you can until it reach the last one and then all of you at once pull the paper which ripped.

" we all have something that will keep us together, I suggest you put those pieces somewhere safe like a wallet or something that holds it." Christi told them as she turn away to pick up the candle while putting her piece of paper in her bag. "Ooooooh, that gave me chills! I wasn't expecting something so scary in all my life!" Sandra had told everyone with a laugh but took out her wallet and started to put her piece of paper in her wallet which she slip it in one of the card holders. "Yeah, seems like this was a amusing one guys." Louis was talking to one of the boys in the room as he put his in his pocket and check for his cell phone for any miss calls. You started to see that everyone was about to leave which Qila had sighed. "Do keep in mind, to clean up this room all of you." she told very fimly which Sandra turn to look at her and nodded. "yes mo-."

Suddenly the room started to shake. "WH-WHAT'S GOING ON!" someone had yelled which they try to grab onto some firm surface. "I-I don't know, there must be a earthquake!" Louis had yell as he was backing away noticing the floor cracking which all the kids started to step back. "Everyone, go and stay together! this may turn ugly!" Qila had order as she try to keep everyone in line but soon the room started to fall apart which you grab -Sandra/Louis/Christi/Qila here- for dear life and soon enough all went black. It was complete darkness much soon after.

((So, you have to choose 4 different RP starters with 4 different characters of each; You can choose Sandra, Louis, Christi or Qila for this one but you can't choose both or all. You have to pick one but you can redo another one if you want to know happens to the others so let's begin!))

If choosing Sandra
You weren't sure what happen but you suddenly woken up from a nasty fall and the room was quite dark, you couldn't see throught the was all black but notice the room was dread and smell of death. You notice a body from where you were lying down it was...another body, looked to be like Sandra too. You try to call for her but it seemed you had to walk over to her but your ankle was twisted. Quite the dumb luck so you had to limb but you stop to notice something shyiny over at the corner of your eye.

do you take the item and get to Sandra or go to Sandra first?

If choosing Louis
You had started to explore the school and by the looks of it were lost, it seemed you couldn't find the people you were with when you fell. All you knew so far was that you were stuck and it the same elementary school that Christi had talk about which you were trying to find her but sadly couldn't. You started to walk down this hallway and notice this section was getting oddly darker and the sounds of flies came up but you notice a blueish-light which when you got closer...It was Louis, but something seemed off. He was....chuckling like he was crazy and when you went to see what he was laughing about. You wish you didn't, the scene...was splatter with organs like as if a person was thrown full speed and completely went 'SPLAT' onto the wall, you couldn't tell who it was. "Oh...hi there -insert your name-. I guess you here to take pictures too?" he chuckled to himself as you notice breathe from Louis when he was talking, okay something was wrong with Louis and you weren't sure what, he was always so calm but by the looks of it he wasn't going to budge from the gross site.

How will you get Louis away from this scene?

If choosing Christi
"Well...guess my story was no mere fairy tale." Christi had comment as she looked around the room, you 2 seemed to get up and started to look around which Christi turns to you. "I think it be best if we stick together if we find anymore friends of ours...well, let's hope we do." she commented as she closed her eyes, it seemed odd that Christi was worried by her family was here so it was reasonable. "Anyway, I think we need to set up candles around any friends of ours knows were here and trying to find the-." she paused as she started to have a headache and her pendent around her neck started to shine. "ugh...why do I feel this present--." she groaned as she try to shake it off. "ugh, anyway...Will need to set up candles, don't you agree?" She asked as looking at you for your opinion, it seemed that slight warning was more your concern then anything with Christi and you weren't sure why but-...something was wrong.

Should you say something about Christi's 'condition' or follow what she says?

If choosing Qila
Qila was kneeling down, it seemed you and your younger sibling was with Qila which she got up and sighed in some annoyance. "I wish I can help but since I don't have my first aid set with me to take care of your arm, it seemed like a nasty fall too." she order as she looked around the room. "I be best if I go on ahead." she confirmed as she turn to you. "Would you mind keeping a eye on your -insert younger brother/sister- while I go on ahead?" she asked with a small smile as she was about to leave the room. You knew this place was beyond creepy and never trusted such a place like this which you also knew that it be best to stick together, even for a fully grown adult like Qila but hey she was strong, she can handle herself...right?

You go with Qila along with your younger sibling or listen to what she says?

((Now pick wisely everyone.))
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t-h-rees Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
((I wanna try Ơ v ơ I don't have much experience with RP-ing so please bear with me Poison ;;;A;;; And yeah, most of what's down below focuses on Trang's thoughts so it's kinda long, sorry. I don't know much about Corpse Party, but I love games like IB, Witch's house and Crooked man :D Okay now, be prepared for my bad English and my late replies... ))

Trang enjoys horror stories. She loves reading Creepy Pasta, listening to her friends' ghost stories during cold camping night, seeing her little brother shriek while watching "Paranormal activity" (even though he doesn't understand a word) or getting sleepless night worrying whether there will be a supernatural force jumps out of the darkness and slits her throat like in the movies....

But being one in a horror tail is a BIG NO! Nonononono... The earthquake was nothing to her compared to being teleported into a completely different room, right after listening to a creepy story AND doing that CURSE-thingy!!
"Chill down...", thought Trang,"Maybe it's still the same room. Like Thư said, maybe it's just an illusion caused by your own brai--"

"Well...guess my story was no mere fairy tale."

Okay,.... Trang was 100000% done! She didn't listen anything to what this Canadian girl said. She was not only filled with fear now but also with anger. If it had been not for Christi, she wouldn't have "lost her face" in front of a bunch of people. If it had been not for Christi, they wouldn't have done that curse and ended up here!! They would definitely DIE in here because of HER! If it had been not for--  

Christi's face turned "banana's-leaves'"-green, that was what Trang noticed. It was unusual to her at first, but thinking of the family, everything made sense now. Trang was worried about her family too.... She didn't want to bring misery to her family like how her dead "cousin" Pisay did to the Cheys... Christi's condition was even worse: almost her whole family was at the edge of life and death...
"That was pretty dumb of me", Trang calmed herself down and was glad that she was not turning into her younger self..., "That's not her fault, she's clueless too..."

But something caught her eye,...and Trang couldn't help herself but asking:
"Christi... Your pendent is shining and it freaks me out..."
M-etis Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
((ah, sure give it a go! I love Ib and Witch's house thought Crooked man was something I haven't try yet. I think I'll look into it dear. vuv and that's quite fine. ovo ))
Being in one herself, was a different story of it's  own. The Earthquake was a bit of a set back and being grab by Trang as the 2 fell into darkness. It was only a matter of time that she and the other woke up, she looked around the room and sighed, she never thought this would happen of all things.

Christi had honestly thought the curse was done right, she thought it was correct, she thought...wrong, she had to admit to the mistake that she had done and clearly was in much trouble. Not only did she put everyone else in danger but most of her family aside her dad, would be dead as well. She...had to get everyone out of her, her thoughts were racing quite quickly which when about to go and be hero she suddenly felt as thought her head was splitting open or something was trying to kill her from the inside but shaking it off. She looked at the other girl, she felt that she needed to be honest this time instead of lying.

"oh, this?" she question as she pointed to it while eyeing it herself. "I suppose that pendent my mama had is doing its job." she answer, what she say...was a bit around the bush but what that pendent was there it was a protection of sorts. "You see...that pendent is more of protection and if I still keep it around with me, I think will be fine." she finish as she started to look around the room and at the doors. "thought if we stay here any longer, I get the feeling that will slip into some form of madness...we got to find the others." she stated, she was aware that Connor and Jackson were probably around and knowing them. They be in quite some trouble.
t-h-rees Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
(( Ib is definitely my most fave so far :D But crooked man is awesome too. It is not as scary as Majo no Ie, but the meaning behind the game is really great~~))

"MADNESS?! What madness?!?!", then suddenly Trang related to her mom's story about one of her villager back then...
"Oh don't tell me that there will be some sort of ghosts of teachers and students trying to take over our body!! Oh I hope that your pendent DOES actual protection not just a warning--"
Trang paused a little bit... Something must have triggered the pendent shining like that, but what was it? Was it the whole building? Or something in this room?...
Trang felt like her body temperature was getting lower than zero degrees. She felt scared of her own thought. And without the second thinking, Trang set all the candles she can find, handed over one of them to Christi and said while breathing rapidly:
"We better get out of this place and find Sandra and the others before something bad will happen right here. I feel something stink and we should like go NOW NOW NOW!"

And without waiting for the Metis girl to reply, the Thai-Vietnamese girl just pushed the other right to the door without even thinking...
M-etis Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
((I'm sorry this is so late god-.
Oh god, I heard of Crooked man! I swear I need to look into that game god.))

Christi had nodded from the response. It was clear that one would be driven made to insanity that if one slip up could all have them dead.
"yes, it does but when there is too many ghost in certain area or a whole area it will start to, drain on me which what my mother had told me so best to be careful."
As Christi started to pause and look to the ground, really blaming herself she got the candle, then she recall her idea. 
"uh, yeah we should. I think we may need to put candles in the halls so that way the others will know were around but...Sandra, knowing her I don't know how long she would last...I hope she's-."

before she could finish her sentence she was push right away but stop as she look around the hall, it was dark and something that she felt an aura it was a good thing to leave that room cause it was feeling her head was splitting open if she stay longer. She looked down both sides. "uhh, okay where to head first..." she commented, a bit unsure.
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